- Alexa Marie -


"Originally hailing from North Carolina, this LA BASED artist is taking the scene by storm with her catchy songs and powerful lyrics." - Arthur Pham, WYDOC

Story : At the youthful age of 18; Alexa Marie has already accomplished what most young artists only dream about. Starting from her ambitious move out to SoCal with her mom, by way of car, she has been on the move constantly trying to build on top of her already impressive talents.

She found her love for music at a young age and through acting and dancing; Alexa found her voice and chose it be her instrument to express her passions. At her young age you would think her lyrics would be representative of naivety and inexperience; however, her songs boast lyrics that resonate deep in the soul and keep your attention as if listening to a full-fledged dissertation on life.

Through all the constant struggles in life, Alexa Marie has been able to turn her experiences into powerful and meaningful lyrics with pen and paper. Her hopes is to have a positive impact on pop culture, influence peoples lives through her songs, and to have a strong supporting fanbase that connects with her emotionally.

Influences:  FKA Twigs, Amy Winehouse, WET, Kali Uchis, SIA, SZA, Yuna and instrumental tracks

Interests: Photography and Fashion Design

Music/Genre/Style: Can be classified as a concept of blues/jazzy attitude with a mix of soul and modern day indie sounds. A self-described Indie/Soul sound. 

Current Career Goals/Ambitions: To be a successful artist with a positive impact on pop culture. "Successful by being a stable touring musician, as well as financially stable to live out my dreams comfortably". Alexa Marie plans to have a single out by the holidays followed by an EP; through which the plan is to go on tours with a solid backup band and to start her own fashion trends.

Shows: Include 4th Street market in Santa Ana, CA, Brewery in Anaheim, CA, and various open mics and intimate restaurant gigs.  

Currently, Alexa Marie is in the studio recording while preparing for a single release later this year, and a full EP early next year!.........All the while, still participating in local shows, nailing auditions and performing onstage!

Contact: Mealexamarie@gmail.com

Episode 4 features an amazing up and coming local talent, Alexa Marie! Filmed and recorded at a beach house in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA. Alex Marie performs an original tune entitled "For the Best".