Brew LP Adobe Residency Proposal

Proposal: Brew LP Collaborative Arts Space

Upon moving to California from the East Coast in 2012, I arrived with the expectation that I would be thrown into a bustling, village type community of artists I could learn from and provide insight from my own experience. I primarily had this expectation because of my unique opportunity to be housed amongst highly creative filmmakers in the East Coast. I also knew that the Southern California area was saturated with many talented artists working in various mediums.

Much to my chagrin, I found difficulty in connecting with others and networking due to geographic factors. California is very spread out and there aren’t as many creative spaces in Orange County for creatives to come together. Social media does close the gap, but it can be difficult finding a physical space where you can give/receive support from fellow art makers.

Three years later, now a resident in Santa Ana, I came across like-minded artists, each having a goal of supporting one another and providing a platform for filmmakers, musicians, dancers, etc. to promote their work by supporting and elevating one another. We turned the idea into a business, entitled Brew Live Productions.

Our goal is to house ourselves with an office in the heart of Santa Ana’s arts scene and create a brand that encompasses the diverse creativity in Southern California, while providing multidisciplinary services to help artists achieve their dreams.

The team is comprised of an audio engineer and music producer, a filmmaker and photographer, an interior and commercial designer, and a musician/brand manager. Combined, we have developed projects and services and continue to build different ideas. Our current services include packages for musicians to help with marketing, music development, and video. We also have a web series showcasing musicians in Southern California.

If considered for the Adobe Residency, my aim would be create an open creative office space, develop events, and design projects that encourage interdisciplinary artworks to make ideas become a reality, to build a supportive community where artists of all ages can point to for growth and convenience in making art happen. The space would serve many functions, including a video production studio, music recording studio, and photography space. There would also be a multipurpose area rearranged for events and rental space. The  projects created here would be presented in Santa Ana’s monthly art festival scene (Artwalk), the web, showcases and film festivals.

Ultimately, I would want to build a strong understanding of how to make a collaborative art space thrive and be sustaining, to learn the business end of making it happen, while developing new creative ideas with like minded individuals.


Below is a list of plans the Brew LP creative space would draw upon.

  • Community Engagement
  • Collaborative storytelling events
  • Workshops for various age groups
  • Tutorials on filmmaking, photography, editing, music
  • Rental spaces and a writer’s block room featuring inspiring quotes and props to help kickstart an idea
  • Music performances and mixed art shows
  • Creative Office Space
  • Rehearsal and practice space for musicians

An open plan with set spaces for music recording and video recording. The remaining area would be multifunctional and repurposed for events and vignettes.

The space would ideally be open with inspirational props and components, with an inviting feel.

The space would ideally be open with inspirational props and components, with an inviting feel.


Adobe Applications

Adobe Premiere

 I use this tool for my video editing projects as well as projects for Brew LP and for potential workshops/tutorials

Adobe Photoshop

For Photo editing, processing, and logo creations

Adobe Story

To assist with creating collaborative storytelling projects


Renting a Creative Space for a year……………….12,000

Building the creative space………………...6,000 - 10,000

Event Hosting for a year, for 6 to 10 events …………………… 5000

Equipment for Music production ……………… 15,000

Equipment for video studio area ……………… 10,000-15,000

Vignette Builds for a year…………… 6,000 - 15,000

Total: 54,000 - 72,000


Month 1 - 3

Find a location in downtown Santa Ana in the heart of the arts district


Promote and network at Santa Ana's Monthy artwalk festival

Month 1 - 6

Connect and network with non profit organizations such as Arts Orange County

Month 1 - 12

Develop a weekly blog and Snapchat to connect people to our progress

Month 1-2

Prepare 6-10 collaborative arts events and assign teams to create them

Month 6-12

Prepare a showcase providing all the work created within the space

Month 1-12

Prepare a sustainable funding plan with lessons learned through the project process and observations recorded in the blog


I believe this project would be a great platform not only for the founders of Brew LP, but as a way to inspire other artists to make good work and have more convenient access to the resources needed to make their project a reality. The creation of this space also reflects the growing trend of interdisciplinary work and community engagement.