Brew Live Productions includes a photo and video component, covering music videos, interviews, music sessions, and more. Our coverage aims toward customized needs for every artist. 

Music video for the recording, "Hide," by Jason Truong. 

Jimmy Rodriguez performing for Brew Sessions Live

Jimmy Rodriguez performing for Brew Sessions Live



We strive for perfection in each and every project. Whether it's your next album to be recorded and mixed, your radio show to be edited, or audio and video to be synced and edited, our passion and drive will ensure you and your listeners are satisfied.


Kevin Brito

Engineer | Producer
LARS Graduate

Kevin was raised in Tustin and Santa Ana, California. He got his start dabbling in Logic 9 to fulfill his growing passion for Electronic music. Kevin went on to major in Engineering at LARS with a Pro Tools certification. Following his education, Kevin has worked at Sound Asylum and for artists such as SWR.

Reinaldo Acosta

Guitarist | Engineer | Producer

Reinaldo grew up in the beach community of Oxnard, California. From a young age, he began playing guitar and developing his ear and musical abilities. Reinaldo studied Music Theory at Ventura College and can play and produce many genres of music, ranging from Blues to Rock and from Pop to Heavy Metal. His intimate knowledge of music theory gives him an edge in the studio to excel.


Music tracks for use in Film and Advertisement

Brew LP produces top notch music for use in commercial advertisement. Whether its for a TV commercial or an Ad on Radio or the web, we have the ability to support your creative ideas. We strive for diversity in all the audio we create, and hope to intrigue peoples ears and captivate their creative intellect.